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These patented spot markers have a bottom that grips to resist movement and a textured top surface to resist sticking to athletic shoes. They are designed in an X shape so athlete's will seldom lose total contact with the floor, and they are only 1/8th of an inch thick, making it very difficult to trip an athlete. Players hardly notice stepping on them. It is almost unnoticeable when a ball is dribbled over one. Visit:
The Gun
The "Catch & Shoot" Machine that really works! the Gun has been tested by some of the best coaches in the USA and the reviews have been "out of sight"! This will be the next great basketball teaching aid - The Machine of the Millennium! Visit:

The Shoot-A-Way
Proven Success of over 100 State High School Champions and over 20 NCAA Championships! Thousands of basketball shooters across the country have benefited from this shooting aid. Because of it's concentrated shooting repetition, the Shoot-A-Way™ cuts practice by 3&Mac218;4 and in the off-season gives them 5 times more shooting practice than ever before possible. Visit: Shoot-A-Way

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